The convening brought together a select group of researchers and practitioners in a dynamic working group to define common research goals and priorities around girls’ math identity. The convening was streamed live online and virtual participants were able to contribute to plenary sessions and small group discussions. All participants were invited to form an interdisciplinary Networked Improvement Community (NIC) to further the important work initiated at the convening.

Jo Boaler headshotKeynote Speaker
Dr Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University, and the co-founder of youcubed. She is also an analyst for PISA testing in the OECD, and author of the first MOOC on mathematics teaching and learning. Former roles have included being the Marie Curie Professor of Mathematics Education in England, a mathematics teacher in London comprehensive schools and a lecturer and researcher at King’s College, London. Her PhD won the national award for educational research in the UK and her book: Experiencing School Mathematics won the 'Outstanding Book of the Year' award for education in Britain. She is an elected fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain), and a former president of the International Organization for Women and Mathematics Education (IOWME). She is the recipient of a National Science Foundation 'Early Career Award' and the NCSM Kay Gilliland Equity Award (2014). She is the author of nine books and numerous research articles. Her new re-released book is called: ‘What’s Math Got To Do With It? How Teachers and Parents Can Transform Mathematics Learning and Inspire Success’ (2015) and is published by Penguin. She serves as an advisor to several Silicon Valley companies, and a White House presenter on girls and STEM. She recently formed to give teachers and parents the resources and ideas they need to inspire and excite students about mathematics.

More information about Dr. Boaler's work can be found here.

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Panelists (and relevant work) include:
Dale McCreedyDirector, Gender and Family Learning Programs Department, The Franklin Institute
Melissa Gresalfi, Associate Professor, Mathematics Education and Leaning Sciences, Vanderbilt University, Peabody College
Meghan Groome, Executive Director of Education and 
Public Programs, New York Academy of the Sciences
Felicia Moore Mensah (link), Associate Professor of Science Education, Teachers College, Columbia University 
Megan Staples (link)
, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Connecticut
Maryann Stimmer (link), Founder and Director, STEMeducators; Senior Manager, STEM Programs, FHI 360
David Stinson (link), Associate Professor, Middle and Secondary Education, Georgia State University
Robert Tai, Associate Professor, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

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Panel I: What We Can Learn From Research

Panel II: Research into Practice

Convening presentation slides (to accompany videos above): (View/Download)

Convening report: (View/Download)

Distributed materials at the convening include: